Make the most of an extended visit to Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong for at least a couple of weeks? With time on your side, you’ll get to experience Hong Kong in a way few tourists ever appreciate. In this article, we’ll share a few ways to make the best use of your time in one of the great cities in the world.

Get a serviced apartment

Most visitors to Hong Kong, whether they are visiting for business or pleasure, stay in hotels and hostels, as they typically only visit the city state for several days. However, the former option can get really expensive over a long stay, and the latter is often too loud and disruptive for even budget travelers seeking to stay in Hong Kong for a long period of time.

In light of these issues, getting a serviced apartment Hong Kong is often your best choice. More cost effective than hotels over an extended stay, and far more comfortable and home-like than a hotel room or hostel, this accommodation option will add value to your trip. Whether you choose to go for one of many high quality furnished apartments or a budget apartment rental, you will have a place that will keep you grounded even on the most hectic of days.

Sample the best local food

Hong Kong has attracted migrants from China, Asia, and the world for decades. As such, the quality of food on offer, whether you choose to slurp noodles from a hole-in-the-wall joint or eat Michelin caliber food at a five-star restaurant, will blow your taste buds away.

From enjoying Szechuan wizardry at Chilli Fagara to glorious, never ending carts of dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, there is virtually limitless amounts of amazing Chinese and international food on offer in Hong Kong. Go by what guides say or go on your own journey of discovery – you are bound to have a good time either way!

Bargain hunt until you drop

Long a center for trade, Hong Kong is a delight for the dedicated shopper. Looking for name brand shops in an exciting environment filled with flashing neon signs? Causeway Bay is where you’ll want to head. Hoping to score a deal? Head to the market stalls of Mongkok – just be on the outlook for knock-offs. On the hunt for authentic Chinese art and antiques? Make your way over to Hollywood Road.

No matter where you turn, there are amazing products to be had, so price check diligently and don’t be afraid to bargain hard.

Explore the Outlying Islands

There is much more to Hong Kong than the island where the core is located. This special administrative region is composed of well over 200 islands – making an attempt to visit a few of the outlying islands will give you a fuller picture of what life in Hong Kong is like.

Lantau is home to Hong Kong Disneyland and the territory’s best beaches, Lamma Island is known for its hiking opportunities and seafood, while Tung Ping Chau is a great place to go if you want to get away from the crowds.


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