Moving to Greener Pastures: How to Exit Your Business the Right Way

Selling a business is no walk in the park. If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you may be prone to some curious buyers wondering why you want to leave the business. Business sellers have almost as much work to do in selling a business as when they first started the business. Amidst the pressures of moving on from one business endeavour to the next, or even if it’s just to close a chapter in your life as an entrepreneur, a good business owner should know how to exit the stage gracefully. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re thinking of putting your business up for sale and how to make the most out of it.

Know your company before letting it go

Your sale must be premeditated and planned in advance. You can’t just end the game and leave it for someone else to take over. What buyers often look at is the financial holdings of your company before it goes up for sale. Tidying up your business’ logistics is a good way to put your business in better shape on paper. Hiring an accountant to help with the financials could save you from backtracking through months of accounts on your own. Essentially, you’re moving out of your old apartment, so it’s good to get all your personal belongings with you, packed in boxes, while you leave the building as you entered it. Having your business valued by a third-party financial company can be a boost when it comes to the buyers checking for the validity of the numbers that you give them.

Dress your company in its Sunday best

Buyers are looking forward to buying companies that aren’t going downhill, or at least ones that look like it on paper. Before you go for a sale, it’s strategically beneficial to boost sales, improve inventory, and even do a refurbishing of your workplace to make buyers go for the bait. Business buyers aren’t keen on buying risky businesses that are on their last legs. Increase promotion efforts or customer range with your last leg as a business owner to paint a better picture of your company ready for sale. Getting a little bit of momentum for your company can make for a very attractive sale to business buyers.

Find a business broker

Though you may be a capable business owner, you might not be the best salesman. Seeking help outside is essential if you want to put your business on the market sooner rather than later. With a broker, your business endeavour could end up in prime listings such as the Hilton Smythe businesses for sale which enables you to be on the market to a wider range of buyers. A broker practically does the work for you along with making sure that your company’s profile is worth the purchase. With just a small cut from the purchase, having a broker makes your endgame easier to manage.