What to consider when moving abroad with kids

Moving abroad is a huge event for a family. However, when there are kids involved, things can get even more stressful. There are so many different things to consider, even outside of the things that involve your kids, but you have to think about all of them and sort them all out before you leave. Here are some things to consider when moving abroad with kids.


This is not something that you can always control because you might be moving abroad to start a new job. However, if you have any control over the timing of your move then it is important to think about your kids and their school timetable. Ideally, you should do the move over the summer so that they do not start a new grade of school and then have to move part of the way through. If you do the move between grades, your kids will find it less disruptive. Of course, moving abroad means that you also have to make sure that you know the term times of schools in your destination.

Local customs

There are going to be plenty of occasions when your kids are out of your sight – at school or seeing friends – and it is important that you sit down with them to discuss the basic customs and norms of the country you are moving to. These could include things such as any hand signals to avoid, or even table manners. Your kids will appreciate this because it could help them avoid any embarrassing situations when at school or out and about. There are so many ways to accidentally offend people abroad that it is worthwhile looking things up. Additionally, if you learn about any holidays that people in the country celebrate, then you and your kids can participate and enjoy them.


Your kids are going to be most nervous about this aspect of the move. If your kids are of school age, they’ll probably be leaving friends behind, so it’s going to be a stressful time for them. You will need to make a decision on which school to send your kids to in your chosen destination. If you are moving to a country where English isn’t the first language, it is important to send your kids to an international school. As well as knowing how to teach kids of all nationalities, international schools offer standards-based and inquiry-driven education. International schools can be found all over the world, from Switzerland to Hong Kong, so your kids can get a high-quality education wherever you decide to go.


There is going to be so much administration that you will have to sort during this time but one of the most important areas is insurance. Health insurance is something that you must sort out, so read up on how you will be covered in your new country. Still on the health front, make sure that there is a doctor nearby your new home for you to register with. You and your kids may be quite susceptible to picking up colds and coughs, since you will be exposed to foreign germs.