Study Hacks Which Get Results

Studying can be a long and tiresome experience and if it is done in the right way then many students will find that they have invested time in something which hasn’t served them well. Studying well isn’t just about how hard people study but also how smart they study and we spoke to a number of ex-students to see what hacks they used that helped them in successfully passing their exams.


The goal of simply passing the exam can be a difficult one to keep students motivated and a far better method is to incentivize studying by task. There are many ways in which students can add incentive to their studies, many use food, some will use a 15 minute break, others will allow themselves to watch a short video on YouTube. The key to incentivizing is to use something fun which a student can indulge in once they have completed a particular study task.

Zero Distraction

This seems to be a common theme amongst students when they are studying, the removal of all distractions. It can be easy to pass time watching TV, checking social media or texting friends and the removal of all of these distractions helps many students to better focus on the job in hand.

Flash Cards

Breaking down studies into bitesized chunks helps the brain to store information and many students that we spoke to preferred to use flash cards in order to help remember key pieces of information.

Study Appy

Modern technology is not all bad when it comes to studying and many students will use applications on their mobile phones so that they can study whilst on the move. There are handy apps for almost all subjects which can assist a range of students who can replace their social media activity on their mobiles, with hard studying

Sexy Notes

Most people we spoke to said that they find colorful and attractive notes easy to remember than just a list of information. Students can relate pictures and colors to pieces of information and as such, many are sexing up their notes so that they can better remember them.

Thinking Out Loud

Speaking out loud when studying is a very helpful tool for many students and they find that if they read their notes and pieces of information, they can better retain the knowledge.

Varying Locations

Studying in the same place all of the time can actually prevent students from remembering information and it has been scientifically shown that varying locations help the brain to be more active and ultimately learn more information.


Many students think that pulling all nighters in order to maximize their study time is a good idea but studies show that a lack of sleep causes the brain to process information more slowly. The body and the brain need to get sufficient levels of sleep in order to function at full power, just what is needed to study better.