5 Essential Smartphone Accessories

The smartphone has been one of the most successful tech products of all time and with each year that passes, the phones have more functionality and more abilities. One thing that many people love to do with their smartphone is to accessorize it either to make it more personal or to get more benefits from their handsets. Today we are going to take a look at 5 smartphone accessories which over the years have become must have items for many people.


Whilst the large majority of smartphones come complete with headphones, many people aren’t huge fans of their quality or comfort. For this reason, more and more people look to buy their own customized headphones either for personal style or for better sound quality. There is a huge range of headphones out there is many different styles, some people prefer in-ear headphones whereas others will prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones. It is is usually basic, in-ear headphones offered by the phone companies but few people actually use the headphones that they are given.


With so many people having smartphones, and there only being a few smartphones which make up the most popular handsets, users will opt to put covers on their phones to stand out. Phone covers have two main purposes and whilst they do a great job of customizing a phone, they also serve to protect the phone from being scratched. Smartphones don’t come cheap so a cover to protect it is most certainly essential.

Camera Add On

Whilst smartphones may be improving the quality of their cameras, for many people they still aren’t up to scratch and they seek to improve their picture-taking ability. In order to do this, a camera add-on can be bought, this clips over the top of the phone’s camera lens and instantly improves quality and range.

Screen Protector

As mentioned before, smartphones do not come cheap and protecting them is absolutely essential. Because we take our phones with us wherever we go, they face a lot of wear and tear and a great deal of exposure to danger. Phones can get dropped and they can come into contact with sharp objects like keys from time to time. It is essential therefore that a screen protector is bought for a smartphone, this is a simple plastic or film cover which sits over the top of the screen and keeps the screen of the phone from being broken or scratched.

On The Go Charger

The more functionality that a phone has, the better the battery needs to be and whilst phone manufacturers are working hard on creating a new, longer lasting battery, many users still find that their battery goes flat during the course of the day. For this reason a power bank or on-the-go charger has become an essential purchase for many phone owners. These power cells can be charged at home and then used to juice the phone up during the day.