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Sono Bello – How to Save Up For Some Surgery

I went for some cosmetic treatments at my local cosmetic surgery clinic, Sono Bello recently and I got to talking to a young girl who’d had a great deal of cosmetic surgery. Treatments I am happy with but in all honesty I have never seriously considered going under the knife like this girl had. During the conversation the young girl was telling me about the cost of cosmetic surgery and even though the price has come down a great deal in the last decade or so, it is still far from cheap. I started giving the girl some advice around how she could save up some money for her next treatment and I wanted to share these tips with you if you want to do the same as her.

Selling Stuff

You’d be amazed at how much stuff you will have that is just laying around the house which you no longer need and that could make you some money. My advice would be that you dedicate a day to rooting through all of your closets, drawers, cupboards and under the bed storage spaces and make a huge pile of things that you no longer need. It is important that you are ruthless here and that you aim to get rid of absolutely everything which you don’t need. Once you have your stuff together then start putting it on eBay and just watch and wait for your things to sell, you’d be surprised at how much people will pay for things that you think have no value.

Extra Work

Nobody likes the idea of picking up a second job but if you are serious about getting the money together for surgery then it is time to start putting in the hours. The best second jobs to find are bar and restaurant work, they don’t pay great but the tips will help, alternatively you could look for some work online to help you out. Work online could consist of freelance gigs or even filling out online surveys. The key is to look for any additional stream of income that you can, you will need to work hard and stay focused on your goal in order to keep you going.

Learn to Say No

One of the biggest things that you need to change when you begin to save up for anything, surgery included is learning to say no to friends and family when they ask you to do things which are going to cost money. You may not think that $20 on a meal or a $30 night out will have a large effect on your savings but once you start adding all of those spends up, you will soon see how much they can actually equate to. This also means adopting habits around the house that burn less electricity which is very expensive. Saying no can be tough because of course you want to have some fun, it is going to be important that you do so however so that you can save up for that surgery which you so desperately want, it will be worth it in the long run.