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10 Energy Reducing Tips to Help Save Money in The Home

Energy bills have been on the rise for sometime now and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. This comes at a time when many families are more aware than ever of their financial situation and trying to trim the budget in any way in which they can. Thankfully there are many tips which families can use to not only bring down their energy usage but in turn, save money on their monthly bills.

Turn Off Lights

Something as simple as turning off lights can save a great deal of money each and every year. It can be very easy to leave the lights on when leaving a room and with the simple flick of a switch, money and energy can be saved.

Close Doors

Much like leaving lights on, doors are also often left open in the home which wastes valuable energy. Open doors can cause problems in the home. If it it cold outside then leaving the doors closed will help to contain the heat and prevent valuable energy being let out, keeping doors closed means less energy usage and again, lower heating costs.

Shower Not Bath

When the time comes to get washed, everyone should opt for a shower over a bath as baths use much more water, up to five times the amount, than a shower.


Installing thermostat not only helps to control the temperature in the house, it can also be set to a timer to switch the heating both on and off, a timer like this can ensure that homes aren’t using heating constantly which wastes energy and increases the bills.

Insulation Check

All homes should have cavity wall and loft insulation, this insulation ensure that heat doesn’t leave the home and also that the heat can’t get it when the weather is hot, both uses will bring down energy bills dramatically.

Using Windows

Windows should be opened instead of using extractor fans and on warm days instead of using fans or air con, windows should also be closed in colder conditions with the curtains open to let the heat in.

Switch The Lightbulbs

All lightbulbs in the home should be switched to energy-saving LED bulbs, these use 50 time less electricity than old-style bulbs and they last up to 10 times longer saving money on both energy and replacement costs.

Use The Sun

Using the sun to dry clothes and to heat the home is a great way to avoid unnecessary energy costs. So people have even go as far as installing solar power in order to use the sun’s rays to create more electricity.

Unplug Everything

Gadgets and tech chargers still use electricity even when they are not connected to the piece of equipment and they should be unplugged whenever they are not in use.

List of Rules

Placing a list with all of these top tips on it around the home can ensure that everyone understands what they need to do in order to save energy and money around the home.