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Save Money and Make Your Home Look Great with Professional Drywall Installation

If you want to have proper thermal control in your home, as well as good aesthetics, then you have to make sure your drywall is professionally installed. Working with professionals such as Lloyd Claycomb II helps you to achieve this. They will make sure your home is warm in winter, cool in summer, and always looking good.

Modern Insulation

During the 1930s and 1940s, it was common for people to insulate their walls using horse hair. Today, there are lots of different ways available to insulate a property. It continues to be hugely important, however, since it helps to make sure we are warm during the winter and cool during the summer, while at the same time keeping our energy bills down. In fact, an insulated property uses around 30% less energy than a non-insulated one.

Today, the most common types of insulation used include:

  • Spray foam insulation, which is used to fill areas that have nooks and crannies or have awkward shapes because of obstacles like pipes. It is also perfect to insulate in between wall frames and ceiling joists. Two types exist, being open cell and closed cell. Speak to a professional to determine which one is most suitable for you. Either way, the insulation is sprayed in, in liquid form, after which it hardens and the excess is cut away.
  • Soundproofing insulation, which is perfect in homes with noise neighbors, or homes where a lot of noise is made. Usually, this is applied through ‘drilling and filling’, which means a spray foam density insulation is injected into the walls through different holes. These holes are then filled up again.
  • Batt insulation, which are pink strips and very commonly used. Old fashioned batt insulation is not very good, but modern versions have higher R-ratings, foil barriers to reflect heat, and vapor barrier backings.
  • Blown insulation, which fills all of the space in which it is placed. It dampens sounds and has high thermal efficiency. It is made from loose pieces of fiberglass, placed inside a special kind of net. It is fire, water, and pest resistant.

Modern Drywall

Insulation is vital to making sure your home is comfortable at all times. It is not, however, very attractive to look at. This is why proper drywall installation is so important, which should be done by contractors. Good drywalls will also further increase the thermal efficiency of the process. Professional installers will place the panels, tape them, sand them, prime them, and even paint them if you want. The priming and painting elements are very important, because this is what creates the beautiful look that will be perfect for your personal needs. If the walls aren’t primed properly, however, the paint job won’t look flawless either. Drywall does have a tendency to break and crack, so do find a professional installer that is also capable of carrying out repairs.

Put drywall and insulation together, and you will have a full efficient property to enjoy.