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Stay or Leave When Your Home is Being Renovated

If you are planning on having an area of your home renovated or remodeled then you will be faced with the decision as to whether you stay at home during the project or if you decide to move out whilst the building firm complete their job.

There are  benefits and disadvantages to both options and we spoke to building company owner Lloyd Claycomb to find out a little more information about each of the two options and what the implications are of each as far as all parties are concerned.

Moving Out

Moving out of the home whilst construction work takes place is the best idea logistically which you can take. When you are out of the home it allows the builders to have free reign in terms of how they complete various stages of the project without having to sick to a plan so that you can still ‘live’ in the home. Moving out of the home will also eliminate a long list of dangers which a project like this will present to you and to your family. Tools lying around, dust and debris, slip and trip hazards and open electrics are all dangers that you will find if you stay in the home during renovation. All of these can be avoided by moving out.

The downside to moving out during the project is that you may have to pay extra money for apartment or hotel costs. Even if you do happen to have family with whom you can stay with, another downside is the general upheaval which you’ll have to go through in order to leave the property.

Staying In

Staying in the property during the renovation work may be difficult, you will need to stay in different rooms, you will undoubtedly have to fill other rooms up when you empty the location of the project and you will also need to watch out for all of the aforementioned dangers.

Staying in the home will help you to avoid any upheaval that you will find when you move out although your presence there may slow down the builders in their work. You will of course save money when you decide to stay in the property compared with moving out and if you can live with the mess that you will find in the house then this could be a good option for you.

It is up to your whether you decide to stay at home or move out when work is being completed on your home and it very much depends on how big the job is. Ensure that you are in constant conversation with whoever is heading up the building work so that you can work out a structured plan for what stages the renovation work will take place. There is nothing wrong with striking a balance between the two either and staying in the house until a certain stage and then letting the builders complete the project.