3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Teardrop Banner At Your Next Event



When you head to a trade show or event, you’re competing amongst potentially hundreds of other vendors for customers. It can be difficult to stand out and grab people’s attention amongst so much noise.

However, there are many things you can do to help stand out amongst everyone else and grab the attention of those all-important customers. Aside from having great branding, a teardrop banner can be the perfect solution. We’ve listed our top 3 reasons you should consider a teardrop banner for your next event.

1. It’s eye catching

Banners are great because they help to tell customers exactly who you are and what they offer. But standard hanging banners need to lay flat against something, which means they don’t grab attention for customers who are far away. In contrast, teardrop  banners stand up on their own and are overall far more eye catching. In standing on their own, customers who aren’t at your booth yet will be able to pick you out from a distance, helping you to show who you are before people have even reached you.

2. You can have your own branding

You can get your own branding printed onto a teardrop banner so that everyone knows exactly who you are (otherwise, what’s the point?). Make sure that the design is completely in line with your branding, to ensure consistency for customers. Then use it to sell your services and your USPs. Keep it simple but eye-catching; you want customers to remember who you are for all the right reasons, not for creating an eyesore of a banner.

3. They’re great for windy weather

One of the best benefits of teardrop banners is that they’re great for windy weather. They’re very wind resistant, and, unlike a traditional banner, won’t get blown all over the place, meaning that no matter what happens, your customers will always be able to see what’s on the banner. This is very useful, as there’s nothing worse than having a banner blow all over the place, which becomes a completely wasted marketing opportunity.