Buying Fireworks for Sale in Bulk without Breaking Consumer Laws

In this country, there are widely varying laws when it comes to the purchase of consumer fireworks. In fact, there are sometimes even very big differences between two counties. It is no surprise, therefore, that it is so common for consumers to cross there County and state lines so that they can purchase fireworks that would not be allowed in there own place of residence. The vast majority of people, however, want to abide by the rules and therefore need to know what those are before they find fireworks for sale in bulk.

Legally Buying Fireworks for Sale in Bulk

The first thing you need to find out whether there are some limitations on sales and setting off of fireworks in your municipality, your county, and your state. It is quite common for certain seasons and even specific dates to be off limits for firework displays. Additionally, you need to make sure that you actually purchase consumer fireworks, which are governed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In this country, any fireworks that weighs more than 500g cannot be considered a consumer firework. This may seem like a very low amount, but a few years ago it stood at £200. Firecrackers can also be considered consumer fireworks but only if they have no more than 50 mg of Flash powder. Additionally, should you wish to purchase a reload or shell, it may not measure more than 1.75 inch in diameter or 2 inch in diameter for pre fused tube shells. Anything in excess of these limits will require an ATF licence.

If you wish to know the exact state laws as they pretend to fireworks, you can check this with the American pyrotechnics Association. Should you be in either Massachusetts or Delaware, you will quickly find that there is a ban on the sale of any type of consumer fireworks, which includes sparklers and novelties. By law, you are not even allowed to use them. In Illinois, you can purchase and use fireworks, but only wood or wire stick sparklers and certain novelty models.

Meanwhile, in the District of Columbia, Wisconsin, Virginia, Rhode Island, Oregon, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Maryland, Idaho, Florida, Connecticut, Colorado, California, and Arizona, you are allowed to buy and use non explosive and non aerial fireworks. This includes sparklers, fountains, and novelties. They are classed as “safe and sane” fireworks.

Each state has its own bills and laws when it comes to the sale and use of fireworks and it is absolutely vital that you check these if you want to organize your own display. In many cases, it is better to request a professional to complete a display for you as they will be fully compliant with all the relevant laws. On the other hand, that is a lot less fun and generally a lot more expensive. So long as you take the time to check what the rules and regulations are, you can buy fireworks in bulk and find that it is highly affordable.