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Have Your First Date at Home – Here’s the Recipe

There is so much pressure on both people on a first date. Neither knows the other persons likes and dislikes or how interested the other person is in a relationship. Will this turn into a relationship or is it going to head into friendville? Will the night go the way you hope or will it be a disaster? One way to improve your chances of having a great first date is to serve your date dinner at your home. It can put you in control, make things more casual, and allow you to have a lot of fun. Here is the plan:

Take it Slow

Take plenty of deep breathes that night. All of this added pressure will do nothing but ruin your evening. The bottom line is that only time will tell where things will go so you might as well leave it to time. In the meantime just relax, don’t make any rigid plans and just look to have a fun and relaxing time with someone you might want to get to know better.

Cook Together

Cooking is one of those exercises that if approached properly can really add to the date. Pick a meat that has some exotic sounding flavourings, say some Chicken Steaks from Cannings Free Range Butchers. These are easy to prepare, will taste phenomenal and your date will be impressed.

When you date arrives announce that you have the meat prepared to cook already and that you two will make the sides and dessert together. Have a really simple and yummy dessert idea in mind, pour a glass of wine for each of you and start preparing your meal together. This will give you a chance to relax with your date in a causal environment where is easy to strike up a conversation. Also you will see if your date knows his or her way around the kitchen which is good information for the future. Work together all the way through to setting up where you will eat and even serving.

Get Fancy with Your Drinks

Here is a chance for you to shine. Have wine and some beer around and a bottle of champagne might also be nice, but be prepared to make one or two mixed drinks also. There are recipes all over the internet of fruity, spicy elegant, or fruity drinks anyone can prepare in a minute. Don’t get too fancy because it is the fact that you are doing it, not the perfect drink that is the point here. Be prepared to not pick one your date will like on your first try but have fun with it. Try another until you hit the bull’s eye.

Alternative Dining

Instead of eating dinner at the dining table why not make your own spontaneous picnic, throw a blanket down and eat on the living room floor? Or take your meal to the backyard weather permitting. This will also serve to loosen things up a bit if you are not sitting at some formal table staring at each other and hoping for something clever to say.

First dates can be a lot of fun if we can just relax and look to have a great time rather than look for a marriage partner. So have some fun with it and you and your date will want to do it again.