How long does Beacon Resources usually take to fill an order?

If you are thinking about searching for work through an accounting recruiting company, one of your more pressing questions may be how long the company takes to fill an order. The good news is that in-demand positions can be filled in a matter of days. Here is an overview of how the process works at Beacon Resources, one of the top finance recruiters in Los Angeles.

From the employer’s perspective

When an employer puts in a job order, Beacon Resources strives to present candidates to the employer within a business day or two of double checking the details. This is possible due to the agency’s extensive network of prescreened workers.

However, Beacon Resources does want to ensure the best match possible, so double checking the details may mean asking questions about cultural fit and unique aspects of the position.

Depending on what all is required in the process and how immediate the need to start is, it could be just a few days from the time an employer contacts Beacon Resources to the time that the order is filled.

From a worker’s perspective

In-demand jobs such as cost analyst and accounting manager may fill up more quickly than positions that are niche. In other words, if you work in an extremely specialized area, it might be a few weeks or months before you find a job.

To get started, your best bet is to submit a general resume, get accepted and be matched with an executive recruiter. Assuming reference and background checks also go well, you will be considered for positions that match your needs and the employer’s needs. So, if your job is in high demand, it could be a mere few days or a week until you get an offer.

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